View Some Of Our Past Work

View Some Of Our Past Work

View Some Of Our Past Work

View Some Of Our Past Work

Stylish Wallpapers

A free desktop wallpaper site, this script driven site features an attractive dark design which highlights its content, and a full featured script for sharing and searching wallpapers.

This was primarly a script installation job, but we also made fairly extensive changes to the script itself. The administration panel has been extended, and some new options for image handling were added.

We currently handle all maintenance and hosting management for this website.

Visit the site:

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Turnaround Times
Turnaround Times

When you hire us for your website we’ll draft a clear estimate of both costs and expected delivery times, so you’ll always be well informed.

We of course strive for the shortest possible turnaround time on your project, but won’t cut corners on quality or security to achieve that. Please contact us for more information.

One on One Support
One on One Support

As part of our commitment to open and productive communication, we can assure you that you’ll never get a canned answer from us via email.

We always take the time to not just solve your issue, but explain as best we can what went wrong, and how you can prevent it yourself in future (where applicable).

Support Via MSN/WLM
Support Via MSN/WLM

When it comes to online consultation and gathering information on technical problems, Instant Messaging is one of our favourite tools. Besides the obvious benefit of realtime exchange of ideas, it easily lends itself to a well documented record of the discussion.

We currently support MSN/WLM, which in turn supports Yahoo! Messenger. If you need to use a different messaging program we can accommodate you.


I used to think my old website was “passable”. Friends recommended me to David at, who set to showing me what the site could be, and the many reasons it should be updated.

The result has been a high-functioning, very professional site that does exactly what I want and a bunch of things I never knew I wanted. I highly recommend you spend some time talking things over with David before you go hiring far more expensive designers. He’ll save you time, money, and give you the site you want.

William Hopper
The Heathen's Guide Blog

We needed a website that would make Fine Thymes Restaurant stand out. worked with us to create a design that fits perfectly with our concept. Excellent communication, flexibility and very fair rates.

Ruth Ricard
Fine Thymes Restaurant

I first contracted in 2006 to work on my fishing forum, and since then they have handled all the technical issues for my sites, as well as created several new ones for me.

Through hosting problems, server moves and hacking attempts, has always provided timely solutions at very reasonable rates.

Matt Flynn
Fish Finder Forums


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